Spetech has one of the very well set up fabrication facility in the industry having superbly skilled work force a team with sound technical & professional knowledge thus able to provide a cutting edge to the fabrication activities.

design + engineering

A well placed in-house Design and Engineering facility capable of providing design and engineering solutions to the clients based on their specific requirements.

open fabrication area

The facility is spread across an area of 65,000 Square meters with the open fabrication yard boosting the production capability of Spetech to greater levels. The open fabrication area is aptly utilized to manufacture and assemble large sized process modules, skids and vessels. We have also developed a 1500 Square Meter open fabrication bay with a dedicated gantry crane of 60MT capacity. Work space is never a hold up for fabrication jobs at Spetech.

closed fabrication area

As per the industry requirement we also have a well equipped covered fabrication area. The fabrication shed is spread over 10,000 Square meter area with trimix leveled flooring specifically designed and capable of undertaking heavy engineering jobs. The area is equipped with all the required machines and tools.

EOT crane

A 40 MT capacity EOT crane with 25.69 meter span is installed in the covered area. Another 60MT capacity Gantry crane with a span 25 meters is installed in the open fabrication bay to speed up handling jobs. The 25 mtr span of the gantry facilitates the heavy lifts and shift at the fabrication bay.

machining facility

Lathe machines installed at the shop can take care of the immediate requirement of the turning requirements of the jobs at the shop promptly.

electrode preserving room

Special electrode preserving room with required temperature and atmosphere regulating facility is constructed at the shop. This is yet another initiative by Spetech for achieving the welding outputs with superlative quality.

heat treatment furnace

A medium sized calibrated Heat Treatment furnace equipped with oil burner, air blower and adequate temperature control accessories cater the need of Stress Reliving and requisite Heat Treatment of the fabricated products thus minimiasing the intermediate timing of finishing of the jobs.

dedicated blasting area

Dedicated area with all the required machinery for surface treatment is available at Spetech. The surface treatment is done with established and approved procedures with international standards.

huge material storage area (covered and open)

Abundant material storage area for project materials, covered and open helps us storing and warehousing the required materials for multiple projects at a time. Segregated storage of material for various different projects helps in better control of the materials and the covered area protects the stored materials from damage.

weigh bridge

Dedicated Weigh Bridge for checking loads received and dispatched is installed in the shop premises, yet another initiative by Spetech to guarantee the uncompromising and fairness of a transparency system followed at Spetech.

NDT facility

The NDT facility developed in the shop is equipped to perform non destructive examinations like Gamma-ray and X-ray Radiography, Liquid Penetrant Examination, Magnetic Particle Examination, Ultrasonic Examination, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, X-ray Fluorescence Analysis (PMI), etc. The personnel performing the test are trained, qualified and certified as per the requirement of ASNT SNT-TC-1A.

bending and machining facility

Plate bending machines are an integral part of the process equipment manufacturing. Plate bending machines with varying capacity are installed at the shop. The facility has installed machines with blank intake capacity upto 80 mm in thickness and 2.5 mtr in width. Plate shearing machines, Vertical lathe machines, Radial drilling machines etc serve the machining requirements whereas the tank rotators with capacity of rotating jobs upto 60MT also add to adequate handling of the critical jobs.

skilled work force

Highly skilled workforce with ample experience in their respective fields is employed on every job at Spetech. Experienced workforce enhances the production output at our shop and this enhanced productivity helps us generate better value for our ever growing customers.

on-site fabrication

The manufacturing process is not restricted to the shop facility only, if required Spetech can mobilize the required activities to the site and set up a temporary onsite fabrication facility for manufacturing equipments and modules. Besides Spetech can undertake field repair and/or alteration of pressure retaining components as per The National Boar ‘R’ stamp.